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The start of this academic year is particularly exciting for me as we welcome the new faculty and students who have been recruited to Goizueta. These talented men and women join our school at a critical juncture, when the school is poised to celebrate 100 years of exceptional business education at Emory. Your annual gift to Goizueta supports our unwavering commitment to attracting the best and brightest minds to our vibrant community.

Over the past three years, we have strategically hired new faculty members, allowing us to deepen our academic prowess in core disciplines and broaden our scholarly reach in emerging topics. We have also drawn students from around the country—and the globe— to our classrooms, allowing us to maintain our global standing as home to some of the world’s top undergraduate and graduate programs. Neither of these efforts would be possible without your gracious support, and I thank you for your continued generosity.

Our goal is to remain attractive to top faculty and student talent. Educating and developing the talent of today is essential to prepare the workforce of tomorrow to challenge the status quo and lead with integrity. Your gifts, especially when directed toward the Business Fund for Excellence, give us the flexibility to compete for, win, and retain the best faculty and students.

Your support of the Business Fund for Excellence is one way we continue to raise the stature of Goizueta Business School. I urge you to support the programs and funds that mean the most to you by providing support for Goizueta’s future success.

Warmest regards,

Todd Foreman, Chair, Dean's Advisory Council
Todd Foreman
Chair, Dean’s Advisory Council

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