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Robin Forman
Dean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences

When I joined Emory as dean in 2010, I asked Emory students what makes Emory College special. Several students responded, “No matter what passion a student develops, Emory College paves a way for pursuing that path.” 

A path is a wonderful metaphor for the experience we envision, calling to mind a wooded trail that provides a definite direction but gives room to explore side to side. Emory College offers 70 undergraduate majors, as well as a broad array of innovative intellectual adventures that enliven the journey. One of these is the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative, in which students travel to Dharamsala, India, to engage in an energetic dialogue, alongside spiritual leaders and leading researchers, about the relationship between Tibetan Buddhism and modern science. 

One of the most important things we offer our students is the opportunity to learn with and from a diverse community of several hundred of the brightest, most talented and interesting students in the world. Your generosity supports our ability to enroll those remarkable students, no matter their socioeconomic status, and makes possible the wonderfully exciting, challenging, and rewarding opportunities, inside and out of the classroom, that help our students grow into the best versions of the citizens they are destined to be.

Thank you for your generosity.
Robin Forman
Dean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences

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