Giving Opportunities at Campus Life


Ajay Nair, PhD
Senior Vice President and Dean
Campus Life

By advancing education into action, Emory University’s Division of Campus Life pursues the application of learning through hundreds of student-run organizations and a wide range of public service and leadership opportunities. Our residence halls, fraternities and sororities, and athletic and recreational programs foster a caring and interconnected community that provides experiences to assist students with social, career, and intellectual advancement.

Annual gifts from alumni, parents, faculty, and staff strengthen our ability to model and teach ethical leadership, community service, and global citizenship. Ongoing gifts enhance students’ lives by empowering them to create positive change in the community and to grow personally and professionally.

Emory’s strong commitment to campus life and academic excellence presents a tremendous opportunity to help students reach their fullest potential. I encourage you to join me in this undertaking by supporting Campus Life at Emory with your annual gifts.

Ajay Nair, PhD
Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life

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